Ice Arounds

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Ice Arounds the perfect ice replacement product

  • Surrounds food completely – top to bottom
  • Conforms to any space
  • No melting ice or watery mess
  • Very quick to freeze
  • Longer lasting than ice
  • Lightweight & easy to store
  • Food stays dry – no waste
  • Easy to clean – just rinse
  • Non-Toxic – extremely strong/durable

Available in 10 pack OR a 3 Pack Bonus Bundle (with 10/ pack)!



Ice Arounds

1 review for Ice Arounds

  1. Chef JoAnna

    this is a brilliant product. If you already like those blue bricks, but find that their awkward shape leaves a lot of void in your storage, these are great to take up that extra space! Often I have to take a small cooler just for a few servings of non-dairy ice cream, and if I use those blue bricks, the zippers won’t accommodate the ice cream AND the bricks. These can fit around the ice cream container, inside the soft cooler and keep the ice cream colder longer.

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