Get-a-Grip™ Buffet/Food Pan Handles

  • Detachable
  • Convenient
  • Safer
  • Universal Design

Choice of  20 Handles (10 Pair) or 1 (2 Pair).



Get-a-Grip™ Buffet/Food Pan Handles

• Avoid Burns
• Safer
• Sanitary
• Dishwasher Safe
• Easy to Clean
• Convenient
• Fits Steam Tables
• Stronger & Durable
• Lid-Friendly
• Stackable
• High-Quality Stainless Steel
• Matt Finish – Looks Better
• Economical

Handles provide a secure and safer means to manage and transport hot food trays. However, the following precautions should be observed:

• If handles are left on while food tray is being heated, the handles will be extremely hot.
• If a handle should become unserviceable, discontinue use immediately.
• Do not attempt to use handles if they do not fit a pan or fail to lock in place.
• All standard precautions should still be observed – even when using Get-a-Grip™ Food Tray Handles.


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