Drain Wizard


Got Drain Smells? Fruit Flies? Expensive Plumber Maintenance?
Drain Wizard is a new revolutionary drain cleaning tool that elimates bug larvae, dirt, grime, and grease buildup in minutes! It’s a powerful mini pressure cleaner that removes buildup that toxic drain cleaners can’t (especially in hard to reach side grooves). No plumber, tools or drain cover removal required! Check out video below…

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No more expensive plumber bills! Clean any drainage including but not limited to: floor drains, drain hoses, beer taps, ice machine, coolers, sinks, even A/C drain pipes!

The Drain Wizard is a patented tool design that eliminates the need to remove the drain cover. Allowing maintenance by simply inserting the Drain Wizard into the drain, “THROUGH THE GRATE” and ashing away the harborage that allows bad smells and small flies to bread.

  • Environmental Friendly “NO CHEMICALS”
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Cost
  • Time Efficient
  • Thorough Cleaning​


  1. Insert wand through drain grate.
  2. Press water will disperse at a 90 degree angle.
  3. Easy rotate Drain Wizard in a 360 degree pattern cleaning out gelatinous material in the body of the drain.


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