Deluxe Cater Bag

Fits 4 Full Size Catering Pans!


Collapsible Chafer

Our #1 Selling Product


Save Time,
Money & Utilities

40% less labor, 93% less water & reduced
water heating costs then a spray nozzle


The Most
Durable Cord-free

Revolutionary Chafing Stand
Our #1 Selling Product


  • One-piece unit with permanently attached two fuel cell supports. No need for extra holder.
  • Does not allow the heat to escape, blocking the wind.
  • Keeps constant temperature while ensuring even heat under the water pan. Uses standard full-size stainless steel water pan or disposable foil aluminum water pan.
  • Also supports the use of half and third size food pans.
  • Use existing lids that you presently use as well.


  • Very fast assembly with no tools required.
  • Has four-sided walls that closes flat for easy minimum storage & stacking (33” x 8.5” x .5”).
  • Carrying Case easily handles six folded chafers.
  • See diagram of easy setup.


  • Chafer are only 1.5 pounds of lightweight aluminum (conventional chafers can weigh over 5 pounds).
  • So lightweight, most people can carry multiple bags at once (12, 18, 24 chafers).
  • Eliminates the need for heavy chafers or flimsy unattractive wire frame stands or aluminum foil.


  • Save money on fuel (only one cup needed indoors).
  • Cuts fuel costs in half when enclosed in the WindBlocker.
  • Outdoors – fuel stays lit even in over 30 miles per hour wind speeds.
  • Food stays hot throughout the event.
  • Heat is even and continuous, no colder spots.

See How easy it sets up

Lightweight yet Strong! Storing was Great! Highly recommend! Genius!

Life as a Caterer

Mobile Barbecue & Catering has been using The Wind Blocker for over 5 yrs. I was tired of keeping my warm during the blustery Las Vegas winds. After I met Michael and Lois at my first CaterSource event, I was completely sold on this product.

Poppa Naps BBQ

Saved me money! I only needed one fuel cell indoors used two outdoors.

Life as a Caterer

Love this Chafing Stand! This product has made my catering work a JOY! It does what it designed to do...keeps your food hot and your fuel cell lit while looking good at the same time.

Lois LeonardCaterer